Intelligent transportation

Addressing the issue of non-standardized fare structure and passenger safety in Indian non-governmental metropolitan transport services, Gyan Data developed and patented a proof-of-concept hardware solution named Intellimeter. The Intellimeter, equipped with a GPRS, GPS and on-board micro-controller, provides real-time positional monitoring and alert tools to both end-users and law enforcement agencies for unparalleled passenger security.

It also allows over-the-air updates to the fare calculation routines on the micro-controller, enabling policy makers to be agile in adapting immediately to fuel-price changes. Built into it, is a range of sensors which can collect valuable environmental data such as ambient temperature, humidity, noise level etc. This enables it to double up as a mobile data collection unit., which when coupled with our expertise in data-analytics allows for innovative solutions aimed at city-planners.

Building Solutions

Shaft-Cam is a novel product developed by Gyan Data for M/s Aver Instruments Inc. ,
USA. It is a complete solution for inspection and analysis of drilled foundation shafts. It is generally not possible to perform a visual inspection of a bore that is drilled for a typical foundation shaft which measures 100-150 ft in depth. Traditionally, the site engineers rely on indirect techniques to gauge various characteristics of the bored hole, which are critical for the structural integrity of the foundation. Shaft-Cam has been envisaged as a product that provides site engineers with an overall analysis of a bored shaft, including a means for visual inspection. The Shaft-cam hardware is a microcontroller based imaging, data acquisition and telemetry device.

The device itself consists of a dual-axis, actuated camera for imaging and additional sensors for acquiring data relevant to the bored hole. A GUI enables the site engineers to remotely control the camera position and visualize the borehole by means of the attached camera and sensors in addition to recording the resultant video feed on request. Sporting an extensive list of features such as lighting adjustment and direct measurements of sediment thickness, we believe the Shaft Cam will enable engineers to take safety critical decisions with ease.

Novel automation

The Remote Operated Valve is a prototype developed by Gyan Data as part of a joint effort with I.I.T. Madras. Aimed at being a retrofit to convert existing manually operated valves to control valves, a proof of concept device was created. The valve shaft is actuated by a stepper motor through a bevel gear mechanism. An Arduino Duemilanove functions as the brain of the device, with a GPRS module for establishing communication links with either a mobile phone or a server. A dual stepper-motor driver supplies the required power to the stepper motor through the Arduino.

Once a discrete value of the valve-state is sent to the GPRS module as a simple SMS, the Arduino processes the request and sends the appropriate signal to the motor-driver which powers rotates the motor shaft in the appropriate direction. We believe in the philosophy of frugal engineering for rural India and encourage our interns to develop cost-effective solutions. The Remote Operated Valve was created with that concept in mind, which when scaled up can be used to improve the inefficient and often erratic water distribution networks in remote villages across India.

Textile Automation

Dye house automation system was developed by gyandata to provide automation capabilities to existing industrial dyeing machines. It provides precise control, monitoring, reporting and repeatability among various batches with high reliability and performance.The dye house automation system has a dispensing unit which can dispense precise quantities of chemicals from various chemical tanks.The system has capability to monitor and control pH over a wide range of values. The dispensing system is controlled by a high speed controller with a touch based user friendly interface. The user can create customized recipes through soft touch sensors and selecting icons in the interface. The entire dyeing cycle can be pre-programmed and operated without a manual operator.

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