Engineering Analytics

Domain agnostic algorithms to address manufacturing challenges

Our solutions can not only be deployed to large processes but also individual process sub-systems. Our strength lies in the areas of data-reconciliation, gross error detection, sensor diagnostics, early stage process-design, modeling, simulation and optimization


Process industry

  • Data reconciliation & optimization
  • Hydraulic modeling & surge analysis
  • Implementation of expert systems
  • Enterprise benchmarking & data analytics
  • Controller performance monitoring & diagnosis
  • Data acquisition through image processing

Oil & Gas

  • Advanced real-time refinery monitoring
    & optimization (in collaboration with PSE & BPCL)
  • Assessment of feed to crude distillation unit
  • Soft sensing studies


  • Model-on-demand framework for
    modeling fuel cells
  • Efficient closed form solutions for optimal
    load sharing strategy in fuel cell networks
  • Rapid health monitoring & diagnosis for fuel
    cell networks


  • Condition monitoring of PCMM direct
  • Proof of concept studies for use of
    3D-printing in pharma


  • Flame detection early warning system
  • Enumeration and selection of structurally similar coil
    designs for refrigerant systems

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