About us

Gyan Data Pvt. Ltd. is founded by experienced academicians from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, Texas Tech University (USA) and Columbia University (USA), who bring in a wealth of domain expertise and knowledge.

Their experience is a result of years of valuable research and industrial consultancy across awide spectrum of areas

Our success results from understanding the needs of our customers, agility in delivery, keeping pace with the competitiveness of our customers and strong capabilities in offering complete solutions to complex industry problems. We have a pool of well-experienced and skilled personnel largely from the best academic institutes in India and abroad.

Our focus is on product development and consultancy in the fields of data analysis, process modeling and control, fault diagnosis and gross error detection, sensor diagnostics, decision support, expert systems and optimization.


Our focus is on product development and consultancy in the fields of data modelling, surge analysis, water distribution systems, process modeling and control, fault diagnosis, decision support systems and other software applications in process industries.


To deliver creative, complete and holistic solutions to our clients through a combination of skill, domain expertise and deep understanding of the needs of the customer.

Our culture

The founding members have influenced and shaped the corporate culture of the company. They brought with them less traditional management strategies that include fostering creativity, research orientation, and employee freedom. The collective problem solving attitude that has been inculcated has clearly been the key to the company’s success.

Early on, GDPL followed an open management philosophy that minimized job titles and traditional hierarchies. As the company grew the structure changed, however, the company has managed to retain a unique blend of open management beliefs with minimal hierarchies. Our people are our greatest asset and this is reflected in the company’s concern to treat each employee fairly as well as respect each employee for their contribution to the company. The organization provides equal opportunity for each employee to realize their full potential within the company. Open communication with all employees regarding policies and company issues are the norm.

We seek out people with a learning mindset, who appreciate taking risks as they understand that there are many hurdles that one faces when they tread along the path of innovation.

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